Team Lead

Vashist Agarwalla

Your friendly neighborhood techy 🙃

Core Team

Amish Dutta

Technical Lead
Hustler,Oppurtunist,Mobile Application Developer(Flutter)

Gautam J

Technical Lead
(Neo)vim is better than Emacs

Ananya Mishra

Creatives And Photography Lead
Today's good mood is sponsored by coffee.

Utsav Doshi

Creatives And Photography Lead
Make it simple, but significant.

Aksh Kalyani

Corporate and Public Relations Lead
I'm that FAILURE ANT, who never stops to learn & try.

Riti Salay

Corporate and Public Relations Lead
Hello, World!

Sarthak sachdeva

Technical Associate Lead
Love to code and watch F1

Harsh Kothari

Technical Associate Lead
Change the perspective and go with the flow:)

Mohamed Sami

Technical Associate Lead
I craft memorable web experiences :)


Creatives And Photography Associate Lead
Enjoy the moment through my viewfinder

Kushagra Agarwal

Creatives And Photography Associate Lead
Not all those who wander are lost

Vaibhav Dogra

Corporate and Public Relations Associate Lead
When a door closes, a window opens... or, something like that.

Aditya Singh

Corporate and Public Relations Associate Lead
Looking forward to working, learning and bringing change through opportunities GDSC.


Technical Members

Divyanshu Yadav

Always better to go few steps back rather than being too desperate for it

Manvi Singhal

Curious and enthusiastic about building new technology and advanced ideas.

Disha Yadav

it always seems impossible until it's done

Samarth Jain

Looking forward to work in this amazing team.

Nikhil Ivannan

CP > Development.

Riya Batla

Existing on 2 hours of sleep for 2 weeks

Aditya Kumar

Exploring new horizons in different domains, hustling and discovering myself is what I do.

Creatives And Photography Members

Adrija Mukherjee

Tea is always a good idea.

Kunjal Lal

i have a passion for risk management

Harsh Pruthi


Sai Rohit P

"The 'earth' without 'art' is just 'eh'."

Tanya Sinha

"this.state = { mode: ""Brainstorming"" };"

Chandrama Saha

Everything up till yesterday was a prologue.

Corporate and Public Relations Members

Advikaa Ramesh

A bibliophile with an unhealthy obsession with the Universe... and Star Trek

Praharsh Trehan

That's what she said

Pranjal Nagar

That's what she said


To be or not to be is not the question it's how to be

Pranjal Mishra

Everything that opposes you just strengthens your position.

Aaryaman Bajaj

The worst part about being humble is that you can't brag about it.

Harsh Jain

I look forward to getting to know all of you!